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Our lawn fertilization programs are all customized to get the results you want. Because lawns have different needs, we factor into our programs the type of grass, overall condition, sunlight exposure, and soil chemistry to tailor our approach and get the most beautiful and spectacular results. Get a FREE estimate now.

DTL Total Turf Care's lawn care fertilization performed by our technician.
Lawn fertilization program by DTL Total Turf CARE, Downingtown, PA.

Lawn Fertilization Programs

We propose different lawn applications to address the specific issues of your lawn throughout the season. Our lawn applications will help your lawn resist the common environmental threats and problems caused by human and pet traffic. Our standard lawn fertilization program comprises six applications from early spring to late fall. Contact us for an evaluation of your lawn.

DTL Lawn Fertilization Applications

Our lawn care services program encompasses different custom treatments to help your lawn throughout the season. Our lawn care program may include:

  • Early Spring: Slow-release fertilizer, weed control, and pre-emergent crabgrass
  • Late spring – Balanced, slow-release fertilizer, weed control, and pre-emergent crabgrass
  • Early Summer: Balanced fertilizer, weed control, and pre-emergent crabgrass
  • Late Summer: Slow-release fertilizer, weed control, and broadleaf control
  • Fall: Balanced fertilizer and weed control
  • Winterization: Winterizer treatment during late fall
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Lawn Fertilization FAQ

No, we do not cut grass, and we do not offer landscaping services. We specialize in lawn care services that incorporate lawn treatment, weed control, dethatching, lawn disease control, lawn pest control, and aeration and overseeding. If you work with DTL Total Turf Care, we can refer you to companies specializing in lawn mowing.

Lawn fertilization is essential to keeping a lawn looking healthy and vibrant. It is the application of materials or mixtures to improve one or more nutrients in the plant, giving your lawn the nourishment it needs. With proper lawn fertilization, you can trust that your lawn will be lush and green with minimal effort- there is no better way to get a photograph-worthy lawn! Although lawn fertilizer may take some time and money initially, the long-term benefits make it well worth investing in a happily growing lawn.

Lawn fertilization is the key to keeping your lawn lush, healthy, and green all year round. It’s a simple way to provide your lawn with all the essential nutrients needed for optimal growth, helping to keep it strong and vibrant. Fertilizing in the spring will help prepare your lawn for hotter temperatures and longer days. Regular applications throughout the growing season ensure it can withstand increased heat and drought. With proper lawn fertilization, you can have a perfectly manicured lawn that stands out in your neighborhood while bringing joy to your family every time they step outside!

To get your lawn off on the right foot, lawn fertilization in the early spring is necessary. The grass is just returning from winter hibernation and needs to start building up stores of crucial nutrients. Lawn fertilization during this time ensures that it has everything it needs to flourish in the coming months. Neglecting lawn fertilization may lead to improperly nourished grass and a lawn that won’t look its best until after it gets a late dose of vital nutrients. Investing in lawn fertilization in the early springtime gives you a green, healthy lawn for the entire season, so don’t miss your chance!

Fertilizing your lawn during its growing season is essential for creating a lawn that looks and feels healthy and lush. In Pennsylvania, lawn fertilization should start in mid-March as the grass starts waking up from the winter months and continue until November when it becomes dormant again. Regular lawn fertilization will help keep the lawn looking green and healthy, while also providing vital nutrients to the grass, ensuring it has the best growth possible throughout the season. Additionally, lawns properly nourished through regular fertilization are more resistant to weeds, insects, and disease. Taking the time to properly fertilize your lawn every year is well worth it in terms of both time and money – you’ll surely have a vibrant lawn all year round! Contact DTL Total Turf Care for a FREE estimate if you need a robust program for this year.

Proper lawn fertilization is important to a great-looking lawn but must be balanced. Too much or too little of the lawn fertilizer will both lead to unhealthy grass, as well as possible damage from runoffs affecting the groundwater if not done properly. When done correctly, lawn fertilizers help promote better water absorption into the grass so that proper hydration can, in turn, encourage healthy growth. Lawn fertilizers must be appropriately timed: applications should never be made during a heavy rainstorm, or not only will the lawn fertilizer be washed off of the lawn, but runoff can reach down into the water table below. Anything is risky if not used correctly—so lawn fertilization must remain mindful of application timing and dosages. Therefore trust the professionals with years of track record of safe lawn applications, and contact DTL Total Turf Care.

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Most people can see results rapidly after the first application. However, it will take a year on the lawn care program to see the full benefits of a custom lawn fertilization program.

Yes, we perform soil analysis. We take soil samples and send them to an independent lab for analysis. Based on the analysis outcomes, we customize our lawn care plans to address the soil’s deficiencies.

Lawn fertilization is an important part of lawn maintenance, and many different kinds of fertilizers are suitable for different situations. The most highly recommended type is slow-release fertilizer, which provides a steady and uniform growth rate and helps to reduce the frequency with which you must fertilize. On the other hand, fast-release fertilizers tend to enter the lawn quickly but don’t last very long, often leading to lawn “burning” when used incorrectly or excessively. Starter fertilizer is specifically formulated for new lawn seedings and is high in phosphorus for root growth and development. In the late fall months, winterizer fertilizer can be applied to provide lawns with extra protection from cold weather. Lastly, cool-season grasses require a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, while warm-season grasses need one high in phosphorus and potassium; look out for those that also contain beneficial biosolids and microorganisms that aid plant health. Alternatively, contact DTL Total Turf Care to take lawn fertilization off your to-do list.

Keeping young children and pets off the lawn is important until the product dries completely to ensure lawn fertilization is as effective as possible. Even after application, lawn fertilizers can harm humans and animals with immediate direct contact – so it’s essential to take all necessary safety precautions until the 100% safety point is reached. Following the application of lawn fertilizer, the lawn should not be walked on for 72 hours or until good watering or rainfall helps absorb the product into the root zone. Doing so will help maximize lawn health and beauty in the long run.

Lawn fertilization is a key part of lawn upkeep, but it is essential to remember not to go overboard. Always read the product label and only apply the product when necessary. Otherwise, you will damage your lawn. Calculating the proper rates for application is very important, and it may be best to hire a professional service since they will know exactly how much is needed to keep your lawn healthy. Don’t forget that using the proper equipment to apply fertilizer and proper calibration of that equipment is also necessary to achieve the best results. Contact us now if you prefer us to take care of your lawn fertilization.

Is lawn fertilizing lawns more trouble than it’s worth? You may question its value if a recent lawn fertilizer application has left your lawn dry and brown. Dead grass at the root zone is never a good sign – trying to revive the lawn and make it look green and lush again can be a nightmare. But with diligent lawn maintenance, careful lawn fertilization, and maybe even lawn aeration or two, it is possible to restore the lawn to its respectable appearance.

Regular lawn fertilization is important for ensuring a healthy lawn. However, too much fertilizer can be just as damaging. If you have recently applied too much lawn fertilizer, it is important to take action immediately to avoid permanent damage. Diluting the fertilizer by watering your lawn as soon as possible will reduce its effects, but the longer it has time to work into the lawn, the less chance of recovery. This can lead to lawn discoloration or other potential issues. It’s important to check your lawn regularly to ensure proper application of lawn fertilizer, and if you do apply too much, act quickly to help keep your lawn looking its best. If you need help fixing the issue, contact DTL Total Turf Care’s customer experience technician.

Those who have attempted lawn fertilization to improve their lawn’s color and vigor have likely been disappointed to find that the results are often short-lived. While many fertilizers promise significant improvements quickly, lawns often fail to show noticeable gains after application, and the resulting color fades soon after. This is because the grass is much slower to use what has been applied than many other lawn care treatments, so the effects don’t last as long. For this reason, lawn fertilization needs to be done regularly to ensure the lawn looks its best. Contact DTL Total Turf Care for help if fertilizing your lawn is daunting.

Under-fertilizing lawns can be an expensive mistake, not only in terms of wasted money but in terms of environmental impact. Fertilizers are essential for keeping lawns healthy and green, but adding too much can cause damage and require further treatments, such as additional pesticides. Excessive fertilization leads to excess pollutants seeping into the ground or spreading into the air, which often has severe environmental and health consequences. With careful lawn fertilization, we can protect our lawns from damage while limiting the volume of pesticides in the environment. Contact DTL Total Turf Care for more information and get help with your lawn program.

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