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Should You Get Ready For Spring Seeding?

Spring Seeding in Chester County, PA

Spring seeding is undoubtedly something you start slowly considering, especially after all that snow

Perhaps you were busy with other stuff during last fall, and you did not aerate or overseed your lawn. Or, as a great procrastinator, you thought that you could do it later, and later is now approaching. 

No matter the circumstances, you are thinking about spring seeding, and now it is in your mind:

Spring seeding!

Well, before you move to spring seeding, there are a few things you need to know, and here they are.

Spring Seeding vs. Fall Aeration and Overseeding

As with all plants growing in Chester County, PA, there’s a time when they start their growing cycle. 

You would not try to grow fruits or veggies outside with freezing temperatures during the winter season, right? 


Because plants and trees have a growing season, and that principle applies to your turf. Here is the deal: Your grass needs time to establish roots. Typically, you plant your turf at the end of August or the beginning of fall. 

In Chester County, PA, temperatures are somewhat mild during fall. It leaves your turf a chance to germinate and starts the maturing process until colder temperatures hit our county hard.

Ultimately, your grass has three full seasons to grow and strengthen a root system. Therefore, it is best to seed in the fall rather than springtime. If you decide to do some spring seeding, the root system has less time to establish a robust root system before entering the hot season. 

Without robust roots, the plant cannot build a healthy immune system to fight off the diseases and weeds that start appearing in the June-July timeframe. 

With a healthier root system, plants are less susceptible to drought, too, and that helps to reduce your water bill.

Therefore, try to aerate and overseed lawns during the fall before Thanksgiving for better results.

What if I Need to Do Spring Seeding Anyways?

You may fall into one of these three categories here:

  • You were busy last fall and did not have time to aerate and overseed your lawn.
  • You moved or plan to move into your new home in 2021, and you need a beautiful lawn.
  • You are born stubborn, and despite anything you can read here, nothing can help, and you need to move to spring seeding.

Remember that summers in Chester County, PA, can be brutal on lawns. It’s that simple. 

We do not suggest that spring seeding your lawn will not bring results. 

However, be ready to fight more weeds, more diseases, and run the extra mile with the upkeep. 

In other words, make sure you have thorough fertilization, weed, and disease control programs and that you apply the best practices concerning watering and grass cutting heights. 

What Are Your Takeaways?

If you have time, consider aerating and overseeding your lawn during fall. You will give yourself the best chances of success and beautiful results. 

If your turf does not look great as we hit spring 2021 and you decide to do a spring seeding, make sure you have a strategy in place for your lawn because there are no shortcuts.

To maximize your chances to get a healthy lawn more resilient to weeds and disease that will impact your lawn in the June-July timeframe, be sure you know the best practices: Visit our Knowledge Center.